Good day, wonderful people!I submitted to Stop Hating Your Body back in October, when I noticed all the stress and self-hate issues were causing a physical ED relapse. You all sent so much positivity my way & i was so grateful. Everyone on this blog— from the admins to the followers— is lovely!I’m sorry to bother y’all with more awkward ramblings now, ten months later, but things are just so different. Since October, I’ve up-and-downed in weight enough to be able to fit into my old ED clothes. I took laxatives as a purging tool for a bit. I once nearly overdosed on water weight pills, taking 5 at once (ugh..), and got to the point I lost my gag reflex from vomiting so very much. It’d be cool to say that things got better on their own or even due to some big epiphany, but that’d be a lie. They got better because of friends’ love and support. I still have trouble eating. I still mislike what I see in the mirror. But there are definitely days where I look at myself and though the face/body staring back remind me of all the negativity I’ve dealt with during these short twenty years, I also see my dad’s handsome features… the face and lips my Love so tenderly kisses… the arms and shoulders that have supported my loved ones when they were down… the sick shock of bleached bands on my forehead in homage to the X-Men’s Rogue, and the wide array of other weird things that make me who I am. And sometimes, that’s not so bad. : ) After learning to deal better with the physical issues, I’m learning to deal with all the garbage that caused them.  Things will continue to get better… for me andddd for all of y’all. I’m sorry if any of this sounds preachy. Rock it out everyone <3 Embrace all the awesome in your bones.